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Good day, This is Gary Klugiewicz, Director of Training for Verbal Defense & Influence with the audiotape of the May Coaching Call. Kathy Mangold was our guest and spoke about Verbal Defense & Influence and its role in personal life,…Continue Reading »

Hello everyone! Ed Holpfer here with each of your podcasts from the second day of the consultant’s meeting. Enjoy!   John Nebl – Media Relations [ei8 url=http://www.ei8t.com/swf/d3JTwBJhbP9 width=500 height=20 affiliate=1]   Marie D’Amico – Civility & Respect [ei8 url=http://www.ei8t.com/swf/d3tR8GNTHS6 width=500…Continue Reading »

This is Gary Klugiewicz with the audiotape recording of last night’s Coaching Call featuring Peter Harrell Jr. Peter spoke about internal versus external communication and how it affects empathy. You can listen to the call here:   [ei8 url=http://www.ei8t.com/swf/9xQLfPT7xnx width=500…Continue Reading »

Hello, Below is the recording of the January 28th Instructor Coaching Call with Andrew Garrison on The Showtime Effect. [ei8 url=http://www.ei8t.com/swf/72QC82hbTVM width=500 height=20 affiliate=1] Click here to download…    

Hello, this is Gary Klugiewicz. Below is the audiotape from last night’s Consultant Call led by Kati Tillema.   [ei8 url=http://www.ei8t.com/swf/d3qQZpzJ6qs width=500 height=20 affiliate=1]

In this Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor Coaching Call, Peter Harrell, Jr., a senior consultant with the Vistelar Group, introduced a new program that he is launching on Gender, Culture, and Communication. Peter share some valuable insights that instructors can…Continue Reading »