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As VDI Instructors, you know we strive to provide “Emotionally Safe Performance Driven Instructions to our students.   We pride ourselves in conducting classes that are “Fire Drills” and not mere “Fire Talks.” This is true when we conduct full classes, as…Continue Reading »

This instructor coaching call will be a little bit different than the usual calls. Gary will be reviewing some of the technical aspects of what we are doing here at the Vistelar Group, including online training and social media. We…Continue Reading »

Gary Klugiewicz here. I recently conducted a Principles of Subject Control (P.O.S.C. ®) for Healthcare Professionals Instructor Class at Children Hospital of Wisconsin.  This is a class that combined Verbal Defense & Influence with both non-intrusive & high level control…Continue Reading »

Hello, this is Gary Klugiewicz with the audio recording of December’s Coaching Call with Dave Young talking about managing distance and a new way to teach the 10-5-2 Foot Rule.   [cxl url=http://www.cxl1.net/fhZWKGXv4s5 width=500 height=20 affiliate=1]

Hello, this is Gary Klugiewicz. I hope you learned a lot about Trauma Informed Care at our Coaching Call on Wednesday night. You can listen to the recording of that talk below:   [cxl url=http://www.cxl1.net/swf/5MyzF59DVRR width=500 height=20 affiliate=1] I also…Continue Reading »

Hello, I wanted to thank everyone who attended last night’s Coaching Call featuring Jill Weisensel. In addition to being last night’s speaker, she also just finished her new book called Confidence In Conflict for Campus Life. You can get more…Continue Reading »